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Auto Dealerships Need More Than Social Media Marketing

April 23, 2015

While it’s tempting to spend valuable time and resources on maintaining your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll get the most bang for your buck investing in a strategic online marketing campaign. Yes, it’s important to have a social media presence, but avoid focusing your marketing efforts on your pages because they likely won’t generate qualified prospects and car sales.

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the gap between car dealerships’ social media campaigns and reaching the consumers who are going to walk into a dealership and purchase a vehicle.

The article focused on national car brands who encourage local dealerships to engage in social media campaigns by providing tools and software (at a cost). Hyundai’s American headquarters have persuaded dealerships to give social media a more serious look, asking dealerships to post videos, photos, and text updates suggested by the company on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Several months later, some dealerships are abandoning the social media experiment because efforts have drawn such little reaction that it isn’t worth the monthly fee for the service. Dealerships indicate that they will continue posting photos of buyers and deals and encouraging happy customers to write reviews, but won’t invest in a campaign that isn’t bringing in new customers.

A 2014 survey1 of more than 10,000 active car buyers found that social media ranked far below dealer websites, web searching and the automotive news media as a source of information when they are shopping. Most respondents did say they expect dealerships to have an active social media presence and planned to post something about their buying experience.

Your time and resources are limited and there are many marketing tools available that will successfully reach your intended audience. Maintain social media pages and post pictures and encourage customers to leave reviews, but spend your dollars on a variety of other tools that are sure to drive sales. Think about adding a(n):

Retargeting campaign: Deliver ad impressions to people who have visited your website, meaning your ads are seen by customers who have an interest in your dealership.

Email marketing campaign: Directly market a message, special offer, or promotion to a targeted group of people via email.

Conversion driver: Create a custom landing page for your website with a compelling offer that collects contact information from prospective customers.

These are just a few tools to get you started. Contact us today so we can help you create a unique online marketing campaign that will drive car buyers to your dealership.