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Tools We Have Built and Tips of the Trade


The “UpNow” part of our name is there for a reason – we pride ourselves on speed and efficiency while serving our customers’ needs. However, to provide this level of service while also scaling operations to meet rapid growth, we rely on tools to streamline various processes. Occasionally we find that the tools we need don’t actually exist, and when that happens, we sometimes like to build them ourselves 🙂

Fast Column Matching Tool

An easy tool to use to compare two columns of data – quickly see how many duplicates, overlaps, and unique values across your data. Just copy and paste!

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Google Analytics Email Pixel Generator

Super simple tool to generate a Google Analytics IMG pixel tag and URL that you can throw in an email, ad, fire with an async method, etc. No coding knowledge or special expertise required!

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AdWords Multiple Remarketing or Conversion Tags Not Working

Why there can be issues using multiple AdWords remarketing tags or conversion pixels on the same page, especially through a tag manager, and how to fix it.

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Google Apps Script – Customizable Fast XML Parser

There are a few Google Apps scripts out there already for fetching an XML document and pasting it into a Google sheet, but all of the ones I could find were slower than they should have been, and were not easy modified to only pull certain subsets of the feed (i.e. columns). I needed a […]

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AdWords Editor Account Archive (.aea) – Reading and Parsing File

Information on the AdWords Account Archive (.aea) file and how to read and turn it into format that you can easily access and parse.

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UwAmp (WAMP) – Using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate for HTTPS

How to generate, setup, and use a self-signed SSL certificate with UwAmp for localhost development and testing. No command line necessary.

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Slack Interactive Message Builder and Instant JSON Generator

Interactive tool for creating and previewing Slack message JSON payloads, plus a live webhook URL tester.

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Automatic Slack Notifications for Podio Events via Globiflow

How to connect Podio to Slack in order to send automatic slack notification messages. Easy to follow and uses Globiflow, which is now part of Podio.

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Bootstrap Rotating Carets – Pure CSS with Expanding Sections

A pure CSS solution to get Bootstrap carets to auto-rotate and indicate an expansion direction, while using them to control collapse sections. Demo included.

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