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Improve the social shopping experience with Facebook Collection Ads

April 20, 2017 Facebook, social media
Facebook Collection Ad

Facebook is always working towards creating the best online shopping experience for its users. Facebook’s newly-launched Collection ads create a shopping experience within the news feed, that encourages product discovery and sales. Collection ads allow buyers to see multiple products that you’re selling and spend some time browsing before they make the next step in […]

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4 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Competitive Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads

Do you use Google Shopping to sell your products or do you think your business is too small to compete with larger businesses that have bigger budgets? With careful planning and execution, using Product Listing Ads within Google Shopping can be a very effective digital advertising platform. Here are four strategies for your smaller e-commerce […]

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Six Strategies for Writing Compelling Ad Copy

April 16, 2017 Search Marketing
Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads allow you to create highly targeted advertising campaigns in an effort to reach your most valuable customers online. These paid search ads get your message in front of the right customers at the very top of search engine results pages. When a potential customer enters a search query and your ad appears, […]

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How Can Data Drive Local Campaigns?

Relevant, effective digital ad campaigns are data-driven. Implementing a data-first strategy is key to ensuring return on investment on local campaigns. A recent report by SweetIQ shared the importance of using data to learn about who your consumers are, how they found you, and the products they’re interested in. What sort of data should you […]

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Get Local: 5 Tips to Reach Your Nearby Audience

As mobile usage continues to grow, consumers are conducting more searches with local intent. In the past two years, Google saw a 2x increase in “near me” and “nearby” searches, with 80 percent of those searches occurring on mobile devices. Google refers to these geographic-specific searches as “I-Want-to-Go moments.” Google wants to better serve users […]

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