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Google Shopping Ads

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Be Competitive Using Google Shopping

Do you use Google Shopping to sell your products or do you think your business is too small to compete with larger businesses that have bigger budgets? With careful planning and execution, using Product Listing Ads within Google Shopping can be a very effective digital advertising platform. Here are four strategies for your smaller e-commerce […]

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Bing Product Ads: An Emerging Market

Google is king of search engines, but Microsoft’s Bing is still a worthwhile investment. To reach your audience in all the places they are looking, it’s important to have a presence on Bing. This search engine powers nearly one in three U.S. searches and 11 billion monthly searches around the globe. Through a partnership between Microsoft […]

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Google Mobile Ads

Google Tests New Mobile Ad Extension Format

March 15, 2017 Google Adwords

How do your ads stand apart from your competition? Give searchers the relevant information they want by implementing ad extensions, extra details that encourage customers to click. By including more information about your company beneath your ad, extensions can help boost traffic, increase your ad’s visibility, and improve the click through rate. AdWords shows one […]

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Google’s Ad Extensions

September 21, 2016 Google Adwords, Search Marketing

Make your ads even more appealing to customers by adding extensions, extra details displayed beneath your ad that encourage customers to click. Extensions have the capability to help boost traffic, increase your ad’s visibility, and improve the click-through rate. You can manually set up extensions in Google, but did you know there are a handful […]

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