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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to sign a long-term contract?

Our internet advertising contracts are typically six months, but once you get the return on your investment we know you’ll stay with us.

How much should my budget be for local internet marketing?

We don’t try to sell you things you don’t need. The beauty of internet marketing is the easy scalability. As your ROI grows, so can your budget – it’s all measurable and scalable.

Can you guarantee the number of site visitors I will receive?

Absolutely! We use a combination of advanced computer algorithms and human oversight to ensure your company is meeting its goals. If we fail to deliver the guaranteed number of visitors or impressions, we will refund your money prorated proportionally to the number of unfulfilled visitors or impressions.

Can’t I buy SEM directly from the search engine myself?

You can, but as with many other things, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s similar to cutting your own hair: you can do it, but it won’t have the same results as if a professional did. Either way, we recommend you start an internet marketing campaign as soon as possible.

How quickly after I place my order will I see traffic to my site?

Ad campaigns and your first bull are typically started on the 1st or the 15th of each month, depending on when you sign up. We perform an in-depth analysis of your website and the keywords associated with your business. We design and post all ad copy so we can activate it on the 1st and 15th. Once your campaign is running, you will see increased website traffic immediately.

What kind of reporting will I see?

Each month we will send you a report detailing how many impressions and clicks you received.

Can I choose which search engines my ads are displayed on?

Your campaign will only run on major search engines and our quality partner sites. We will match your ads with the most appropriate search engines and websites, but we cannot guarantee that your ad will appear on any specific website or search engine.

What percentage of online users does AdsUpNow reach?

AdsUpNow’s reach across the web is 98%. You can be sure that AdsUpNow can get your ads in front of your target customers wherever they may go online.

Does AdsUpNow work with affiliates?

No, AdsUpNow cannot advertise for affiliates due to our partner ad networks policies.

Does my site require a privacy policy?

Yes, our ad networks require your site to have a privacy policy. Your policy should contain the following:

  • Describe what personal information is collected.
  • Describe how this information will be used by the company.
  • Describe how this information will be transferred to third party companies.
  • Provide instructions on how users can modify or delete their personal information.
  • Provide instructions on how users can opt-out of future communications. Finally, websites that collect sensitive personal information, such as bank details and credit card numbers, must use a secure processing server (https://) when collecting this information.

If you are unsure of what to put in your privacy policy, it is recommended that you check out some privacy policies on popular sites that you’re frequent, to get an idea of what is required. There are also some resources, such as www.Freeprivacypolicy.Com, that are helpful when creating your privacy policy.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a piece of text stored on your computer by your web browser. It can be used for authentication, storing site preferences, shopping cart contents, or anything else that relies on storing text data.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment to run a campaign on AdsUpNow. You can start and stop your campaign at any time, though we recommend running a campaign for at least one month to collect enough data to properly optimize and refine placements and targeting.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is advertising, or showing display ads, to people who have already indicated an interest in your brand by visiting your website, but did not convert. Technically, you place a snippet of code on your website that creates a list of people that visit your site, and allows AdsUpNow to display your ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites. Because AdsUpNow works with the largest ad exchanges, we can find your customers just about anywhere they might go online.

Will the AdsUpNow pixel affect my website’s load time?

If placed correctly in the header of your website, our pixel will not negatively impact your website’s page load time. The pixel loads asynchronously after your web site’s functionality.

What services does AdsUpNow offer?

AdsUpNow offers complete digital advertising and marketing solutions for your business.

Retargeting: retargeting finds lost customers and shows them your ads, bringing them back to increase your conversions and ROI.
Behavioral targeting: using demographic and psychographic data, AdsUpNow finds “lookalikes” to your current customers and serves them ads featuring your brand.
Pixel targeting: designed for car dealers, pixel targeting serves ads only to known car shoppers in your market on all the top websites: autotrader.Com, cars.Com, kbb.Com, etc.
Search retargeting: we use search data to target people based on their purchase intent and search history. This allows you to reach people that are searching for you, but might not have heard of your business.
Creative: ready to start a campaign but don’t have creative yet? Our in-house creative team will design everything you need for your campaigns.
Mobile targeting: AdsUpNow targets mobile users with ads and creates a mobile website for customers to reach you at.

For more information, visit our products page and check out specific product pages.

How do I know if AdsUpNow’s service will work for my business?

AdsUpNow’s advertising solutions will improve your website’s performance. AdsUpNow site targeted campaigns help you raise brand awareness and increase traffic to your site, while AdsUpNow retargeting helps you bring back lost visitors and increase conversions. Our advertisers are in many different industries, and we help SMB advertisers reach more customers and achieve higher ROI advertising by using our services. An account manager oversees every campaign to make sure they perform as intended oversees every campaign.

What websites will my ads appear on?

For AdsUpNow retargeting campaigns, your ads will appear on websites that your customers frequent after they visit your site. For pixel targeting campaigns, your ads will appear on auto sites and a proprietary list of premium websites called the ascendance 500.

How much does advertising cost?

AdsUpNow varies the prices based on a number of variables to your website. We will tailor the campaign budget to fit your needs.

Is my pixel placed correctly?

AdsUpNow’s smart pixel should be placed right before the end body tag in your page HTML code or on your web site’s HTML template. Placing the pixel in this location will ensure accurate data gathering and will not negatively affect your page load time.

How does AdsUpNow billing work?

AdsUpNow bills you on a monthly basis. We will pre-charge your campaign at the beginning of the month, and put that money toward your account.

What ad sizes does AdsUpNow accept?

AdsUpNow accepts many different ad sizes, but the 3 most popular and effective ad sizes are: the leaderboard (728×90 pixels), rectangle (300×250 pixels), and the skyscraper (160×600 pixels). We recommend starting your campaign with these ad sizes for optimal campaign performance.

How does the free trial work?

We’re confident that retargeting works. We’re willing to put our money where our mouth is and pay for your first 2 weeks with no commitment. If you don’t think retargeting makes sense for you after looking at the results, then you can walk away. You must have a cookie pool of at least 1,000 people built up before we start the trial.

Please note that the free trial is only for AdsUpNow retargeting. In order to get started, sign up and place the AdsUpNow pixel on your website. Then upload some ads or contact us to help create ads. Once the pixel and ads are in place then you can use AdsUpNow to reach your previous website visitors and bring them back to convert to sales.

How should my ads be formatted?

AdsUpNow accepts ad files as jpegs, static and animated gifs, and flash. Ads should be no more than 30kb in file size. If ads are animated, they should stop animating within 15 seconds and loop a maximum of three times.

Can AdsUpNow target users based on location (geo-targeting)?

Yes, AdsUpNow can target users based on geographical location anywhere in the world. You can focus your advertising on any city, region, or country. AdsUpNow also

How do you keep from being “creepy” with your advertising?

In order to protect your brand, adjusting frequency caps is carefully managed to ensure your customers hear your message, but don’t tune out because they see it too frequently.

How long does it take to get started?

Once AdsUpNow approves a campaign, it is sent over to our partner ad networks for them to review and approve. This process generally takes 2-4 business days. The faster you get the code on your website, the quicker we can start!