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Data-Driven Display

The power is in the data

We’ve used the power of data to create the best possible way to target your customers. In the past, you needed to blast your message to everyone, and hope they were in market for your product. Now, that’s no longer necessary. We can pinpoint your best customer with our custom audience tools.

Data targeting is the best way to reach your audience. Rather than focus on a demographic that “might” be interested in you, focus on the people who have identified themselves as interested in your business. We combine multiple data sources to create the best audience possible.

Contextual Targeting only focuses on what’s on the webpage, not who’s looking at it. So you don’t know if any of the people reading are even interested in your business – they just happen to be looking at that page.

Demographic Targeting focuses on people with specific characteristics that you deem are relevant to your business. The only problem is, your desired demographic has a lot of people in it who don’t necessarily care about you.

Search Retargeting works by focusing on people who conduct searches for things related to your business, products or services. That way, even if they don’t click on your link, you can still advertise to them.

Our Data Ecosystem

We’re partnered with 44 data providers, giving us access to more than 48,283 data segments to reach your audience everywhere. Say we wanted to target someone who has recently bought a house. Through our partnerships, we have the ability to target 26,630,000 new house buyers.

We also have the ability to put contextual or demographic filters on our data to reach an even more specific audience. Data Targeting allows us to reach the people who are most likely to be interested in your business – no matter what website they’re on, or what demographic they’re part of.


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