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Dynamic Display Campaign

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter ads.

The best way to sell something is by putting the right product in front of the right prospect. We’ve created a dynamic display algorithm that does the heavy lifting for you – ensuring your ads are shown to the best possible people.

How do dynamic display ads work?

Similar to our dynamic Facebook ads, we start by building you an audience. We incorporate data from multiple sources: your customer list, offline data, and online browsing and search data.

Next, we create a feed of your product inventory and match it up with our decision-engine. When there’s a match between your product and someone browsing online, we deliver your ad to them and feature the products they are most likely to be in-market for.

By matching your products to the best users available, you get a lower bounce rate, higher time-on-site and increased conversions.

Here are some of the statistics we see with our dynamic ads:

Average Click-Through Rate: 0.25% (industry standard is 0.08%)
Average Interaction Rate: 2.5%
Average Interaction Time: 14.5 seconds

Here are some of the reasons our customers love dynamic display ads:

  • Greater relevance for customers: The vehicles displayed to your car buyers are relevant to the one they’ve already viewed with other similar models and prices.
  • Inventory specific: Our display ads will only show vehicles that are currently on your dealership website and server is updated regularly.
  • Increased conversions: Because we build a specific audience just for you, we are able to deliver ads that are more compelling to your prospective customers.

Interested in getting started with dynamic ads? Contact us.

Dynamic Display Campaign
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