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Bring Back Your Customers

You may get a lot of hits on your website, but the truth is that most of your customers visit your website once and never come back.

We can change that.

Retargeting is unique because it delivers ad impressions to people who have already visited your website, meaning your ads will only show up to customers who have an interest in your products or services.

By displaying your ads to these visitors more than once, we help you develop and maintain mindshare throughout the researching and shopping cycle. Also, retargeting increases the ROI of all your other advertising dollars.

Plus, we can retarget your customers on Facebook through one Retargeting campaign.

How It Works

  • We help you place a Retargeting pixel code on your website.
  • Our ad networks display your ads.
  • Your website visitors see your ads online.

Why It’s So Effective

Retargeting helps maintain awareness of your website throughout the buying cycle. By reaching out to your website visitors multiple times after they leave your website, you increase the chances that they will come back and do business with you again.

Retargeting also gives you a better ROI from all your advertising spend. Since all your advertising tells your customers to go to your website, doesn’t it make sense for you to get multiple chances to bring them back to your site after they leave?

Search and Display: Better Together

You are probably using either SEM or SEO to drive traffic to your website. What happens if they leave without converting? Retargeting brings them back.

Adding display advertising to your search efforts increases unaided brand recall, likelihood to visit a brand’s website and the likelihood to purchase something from you.

Ready to give retargeting a shot? Fill out the form or call us and get started. We take care of everything for you. All our campaigns are fully trackable, and we monitor and update your campaigns throughout the month to make sure they deliver correctly.

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