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Video Pre-Roll

TV meets digital

Video advertising gives you the power of TV advertising with the targeting capabilities of digital media. Imagine being able to show your TV ad only to people who were in market for your product or service. With online video advertising that’s a reality.

Video advertising has grown to become one of the largest advertising opportunities available. Almost 200 million Americans watch online videos every month. Online video allows you to repurpose your existing TV commercials for the Internet.

You can pair it with a retargeting pixel or against third-party data, just like our data-driven display ads. We’ll deliver ads to your audience across our ad networks. Instead of seeing a static banner, they see your video.

Two-thirds of the people who used online video in the last year said it was more effective than TV advertising. Instead of targeting a demographic, target people who are actually looking to buy your product.

Video pre-roll allows you to:

Advertise to known in-market shoppers in your area

Eliminate waste in your advertising budget

Find new customers through the growing market of online video

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