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Extend your email campaign.

Email campaigns are one of the best marketing tools around, but have their limitations. You only get one chance at delivering your message, and there’s only one place for the customer to see your offer. Email retargeting helps increase the reach and frequency of your campaign to help you maximize its effectiveness.

How does it work?

Email retargeting works similarly to traditional retargeting. The difference is, instead of being triggered by someone visiting your website, it triggers as soon as we send your customer the email.

As soon as we send your email out, our ad servers identify your customers by a unique ad ID and match your ads to that user. It all happens behind the scenes, but the end result is that your message gets in front of your customer far more than a single email blast.

Benefits of Email Retargeting

Increase the reach and frequency of your campaign: Rather than reach your customer one time with an email, you have the chance to market to them continually as your promotion continues.

Reinforce your message: The more emails you send out, the more your audience will tune out to your offers. Instead of resending multiple messages that your customers will start to delete, you can reinforce your message with banner ads without taking up space in their inbox.

Reach your audience across all devices: Since email retargeting is not cookie-based tracking, we can reach your audience on all of their devices. Your offer will reach your customers on their desktop, mobile and tablet devices, and increase the opportunity for conversion.

Email Retargeting
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