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Email Enhancement

Maximize your email campaign with an enhancement.

Our Enhanced Email campaigns make sure your audience sees your email offer, long after they read it in their inbox. Extending your email’s reach to Facebook allows you to deliver the same message to your email subscribers on multiple channels and devices.

How it works:

We design and send out an email with your offer and include a unique code that serves ads on social networks after the initial read and open. People see your email offer in their inbox and open it. When the recipients go on Facebook after opening your email, they’ll see the email offer again in their Facebook newsfeed.

Our Enhanced Email works for a variety of campaigns. Let consumers know about your upcoming Labor Day Sale with a compelling call-to-action, reward loyal customers with a service department coupon or discount, or host a special test drive event that drives foot traffic to your dealership. Enhanced Email works for whatever message you are trying to get across to your audience. The opportunities are endless.

Benefits of Enhanced Email:

Keeps your business in front of your customers

Reach your audience without inundating them with emails and clogging up their inbox. When you send too many emails, you dilute your message. Recipients may not even open your email, or worse, they may unsubscribe from your list altogether.

Market across channels

Enhanced Email allows you to deliver your unique message across multiple channels and devices. Market to your audience on whatever device they are using. The more times and more places your message is displayed, the more success you’ll find.

Extend your reach

Our enhancements give you up to three times the open rate/reach versus a standard email campaign.

Increases the frequency

Enhanced Email increases the frequency of your message by four times. Give your audience the information they need in the places they look to keep your company front of mind to your customers while they’re online.

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