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Search Liners

We create dynamic PPC ads to help you sell more cars.

Automotive shoppers start their car search the same way as everyone else: in the Google search bar. In fact, many search for a specific brand or model instead of a dealership.

In order to capitalize on this opportunity, we created Search Liners dynamic PPC ads to help you reach active automotive shoppers.

How it Works

  • Our servers crawl your site and extract the cars you have on your lot.
  • We create ads for your current inventory in Google from your data.
  • The consumer searches for a car you have in stock and clicks your ad, sending them right to the VDP for that vehicle.

Our Search Liners program puts your current online inventory in front of active car shoppers. Plus, it’s completely turnkey and requires no initiation from you. All you have to do is say, “yes” and we take care of the rest.

Search Liners helps your dealership profit by putting the right cars in front of the people who are searching for them.

With Search Liners You get:

  • Placement in the top search results
  • The ability to advertise your current used inventory
  • The power to reach active car shoppers in Google


Contact us to learn more about Search Liners.

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