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Media that happens to be social.

Organic reach on social networks is diminishing. In an age of countless stories and updates – all competing for our attention – only the most viral organic posts will make it into your customers’ news feeds. The best way to break through the noise is with promoted social posts.

We view social networks as media sources. They have huge, engaged audiences who visit every day and offer an excellent place for us to promote your business. We’ve taken our years of expertise in digital banner advertising campaigns and applied the same lessons to Facebook. We’re able to extend retargeting campaigns, data-driven display campaigns, and more onto Facebook and other social networks.

With over one billion daily active users, Facebook offers giant reach, and some of the best targeting tools available for your campaign. We recommend every one of our clients extend their display campaigns onto Facebook, which allows them to take advantage of Instagram as well as the Facebook Audience Network.

Here are a few of the ways we target on your behalf:

Facebook Targeting

Using Facebook’s trove of data, as well as our own offline data we’ve aggregated, we find and create the best possible audience for your business. Using this proprietary combination of data, we’re able to get better results than any other managed Facebook ad campaign.

Some of the ways we target your audience on Facebook:

  • Retargeting
  • Conquest customer list
  • Current customers and CRM data
  • In-market shopper data

We’re also able to create a custom audience for you based off multiple buying signals and data points.

Dynamic Facebook Ads

Use the power of our logic-driven dynamic campaigns to create the most relevant ads possible for your business. Our Dynamic Facebook ads put your best products in front of the best possible customers.

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