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Dynamic Facebook Ads

Sell more cars with Facebook dynamic ads

To effectively advertise on Facebook and drive qualified prospects to your site, you need to invest in a quality tool. Facebook offers a variety of advertising tools, but to truly take advantage of everything Facebook has to offer, you need to create ads that are personalized and tailored to your audience.

In order to help create the best ads possible, we’ve built our own proprietary platform to get true dynamic ads inside of Facebook.

How do Facebook Dynamic Ads Work?

Identify the Best Audience

We start by creating an audience for your dealership of people who are most likely to buy cars from you. We combine data from your customers, Facebook’s data, and our own data segments to find the people most likely to buy the cars you have in stock.

Deliver the ad to your customer

Once we have identified a potential buyer’s intent, we serve the most relevant ad to that person. This ad pulls inventory from your website’s data feed. We optimize the bid to bring the most potential traffic back to your site, generating the maximum amount of VDP views so you can sell that car. Dynamic ads show the cars that you have on your lot. The feed will automatically update when a car is removed from your site, so buyers are seeing real-time inventory.

The user clicks through to your site

When the prospect clicks the ad, they are sent right to the VDP page for that car. Sending them directly to the VDP offers the highest possibility of conversion. When they see something they want, they will contact you.

Experience positive results

Dealerships using Facebook dynamic ads are achieving record sales after implementing these strategic, personalized campaigns. Compared to standard Facebook ads, dealerships using our dynamic ads experience decreased bounce rate, increased time on website, increased page views per session, and most importantly, improved vehicle search conversion rate.

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