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All City Fence Website Redesign


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Increase Conversions, Increase Business

All City Fence is the premier fencing company in the Seattle area. They came to us wanting to increase conversions on their website, and generate more fencing leads. We decided to give their website a ground-up redesign.

We made the main feature of their website a free quote estimator. By placing this prominently above the fold, we were able to drastically increase the number of people who reached out to them to learn more about installing a fence.

Since installing their new site, we saw a huge increase in conversions. Over the first six months, we saw the following:

Total Conversions: 581
Conversion Rate: 2.61%

Compared to their previous site, this is was a large increase in new business inquiries, and helped them increase their sales immediately after the new site was installed.

We also chose to highlight their commercial and residential work, along with their growing custom fabrication business. They’ve seen great results from this as well.

All City Fence Gallery

All City Fence Gallery Page


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