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Trucks Only is a premier used truck dealer in the Phoenix, AZ area. They have three locations, and specialize in selling trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. They had dipped their toe into digital advertising campaigns, but hadn’t seen great success. They were looking for someone to help them increase sales and their visibility online.

We worked with them and created a comprehensive digital campaign that reached users with Search Engine Marketing, Search Liners, Dynamic Display campaigns, and Dynamic Facebook ads.

Since starting the campaign with us, they’ve seen record sales, as well as a higher gross per car. They’re continuing to grow and are looking to expand into offering service options for their customers.

Here are some of the numbers from our campaign:

Dynamic Display Campaign:

Average Clicks: 508
Average CTR: 0.26% (double the average)
Interaction Time: 15.4 sec
Interaction Percentage: 9.43%

Dynamic Facebook Campaign:

Average Clicks: 5,817
Average CTR: 2.48%

Since starting the campaign, we’ve increased page views on their website 46% year-over-year, and driven thousands of people to the VDPs for the cars they have in stock. All of the traffic we drive to their site has been extremely sticky.

Stats from Google Analytics:

Avg. time on site: 3:41
Avg. pages per session: 3.35
Bounce Rate: 33.83%
Goal Completions: 57.27%

Average Clicks
Average CTR
VDP views